Littauer names Ostrander new CFO

GLOVERSVILLE – Nathan Littauer Hospital has announced Michael D. Ostrander is its new chief financial officer, a position vacated by the retiring Henry Legendziewicz.

“We are pleased to have someone of his caliber join our team,” the soon-to-be departing Legendziewicz said in a news release. “He has a history of implementing new systems throughout the hospitals he previously worked at that streamlined operations.”

Ostrander joins Littauer from Glens Falls Hospital, where he served as the senior director of finance. There, he was responsible for the leadership of several departments, including material management, distribution, accounting and decision support.

He previously worked at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady as its director of financial planning.

“This is an exciting time at Littauer,”?said hospital President and CEO Laurence E. Kelly. “We are growing despite the delicate financial landscape we maneuver through on a routine basis. With diminishing state and federal reimbursements, we need someone who can help us grow in an organized way – consistent with our strategic plan. We believe we have found that person in Michael.”

Ostrander and Legendziewicz will work together for about a month during the transition. Legendziewicz has worked at Littauer for more than 34 years, according to the release.

“NLH has operated with a positive operating bottom line for 11 years in a row, in a large part due to Henry’s financial expertise and guidance,”?Kelly said of Legendziewicz. “I wish he could work forever, but he certainly deserves to enjoy a long retirement, knowing the results of his hard work will continue.”

Even as CFO, Ostrander will be expected to have direct patient contact, as the senior leadership of the hospital regularly conducts “rounds” with patients to monitor patient satisfaction, according to the news release.