Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To Old Man Winter. Is it cold enough for you? We’re sure you have been asked or asked others that question during this past week of subzero temperatures accompanied with wind and snow. This type of weather is not a bad thing in our area. It’s winter and we live in the great Northeast. Cold and snow should be expected and welcomed. Many businesses and events rely on wintry weather conditions each year. For example, this weekend, our community will host thousands of ice-fishing enthusiasts and spectators on the Great Sacandaga Lake for the Walleye Challenge fishing tournament, which needed cold weather to freeze the lake.

CHEERS – To the champions. Multiple cheers go out to the Greater Johnstown and Amsterdam school districts. Recently, both have received new bragging rights. In Johnstown, the varsity and junior varsity winter guards took first place for the second week in a row at the Phoenix High School Winter Guard competition in central New York. Meanwhile, hundreds of members of the Amsterdam marching band, majorettes and jazz band marched in Washington, D.C., at the 2013 National Presidential Inauguration Festival competition and received the five top gold awards, including Grand Champion. All of these students proved results can be achieved from cultivating their talents, showing dedication and working as a team. They brought home gold for a job well done.

CHEERS – To the outhouse. They’re back. Custom, crazy “outhouses” will return to the shores of Caroga Lake to compete in one of our area’s wackiest (and fun) events. On Feb. 17, you and four others can enter the outhouse races or be a part of the crowd to laugh and cheer for the competitors. For more information, check out the Caroga Lake website or call 835-4211. As it says on the flier, “Flush Time” is 11:30 a.m.

CHEERS – To intervening. Five people were arrested and charged after an incident in the Amsterdam Walmart. The report says three were involved in an altercation with two others in a store aisle as one of them held a 10-month-old baby. Apparently, it was physical, and a large bottle missed striking the child. You might ask yourself, “What would I have done?” An unidentified employee knew what to do. The employee intervened by taking the baby out of harm’s way before help arrived. The actions by this employee should not be lost in the ridiculous, irresponsible image of the others.