City a ghost town, dump

The city of Gloversville resembles a cross between a ghost town and a garbage dump. How I came up with this conclusion is the overwhelming number of lazy citizens in this city.

I call it a ghost town because of the many empty lots, empty or run-down buildings, lack of life on Main Street, and look at all the houses for sale.

Now, the reason I refer to the city as looking like a garbage dump is self-explanatory. No one seems to put litter in its place. Why is it so difficult to throw the garbage in the “trash” can? Why can’t people return the shopping carts the next time they go shopping? Why do they throw cigarette butts out the window while driving? I’ll tell you why, they are too lazy to do so. I bet if all these stores got together and filed a “possession” of stolen property charge regarding the shopping carts, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many around the city streets. I mean, these stores have to pay for those shopping carts. If you litter on the highway and get caught, it’s a hefty fine; maybe we should do the same thing here. The city would get some revenue that it seems to need. Oh, forgot most of the people who live here are on welfare. Well, I guess they need to get off their lazy butts and get a job.