Outhouse Race slated in Caroga

CAROGA – The Winter Carnival Weekend’s Outhouse Race will take place Feb. 17.

The race, set for 11:30 a.m., will take place on West Caroga Lake, in front of Sherman’s, a news release said.

Teams must have five people, with four pulling or pushing and one riding. The rider must have reading material and a roll of toilet paper. The outhouse itself must be on two skis and have a scale of 4-feet wide by 4-feet long by 8-feet tall, with three walls.

A door is not required. If there is a door, a news release said, it must be held open during the race.

The cost for registration will be $25.

Team members need to be age 18 or older.

People can preregister for the race at www.carogalakeny.com.

For more information, call Linda Gilbert at 835-4211, Ext. 21.