Investigators spend night at the Glove

GLOVERSVILLE – Investigators from the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society and Scientific Phenomenon Investigations are reviewing evidence collected Friday night at the Glove Theatre and will make a conclusion about whether the theater plays host to the paranormal.

Carmon Rust of NNYPRS said Saturday the investigators have 40 hours of silent video footage and audio to review before they reach a conclusion.

Rust said some notable experiences were reported by some of the people involved, but they the evidence is still under review.

“The team experienced different things, from shadow movements to cold spots,” he said. “Without evidence reviews, it’s all personal experiences. Now the job of the team is to see if there’s any visual evidence to substantiate the personal experiences.”

Rust said he thought he saw shadow movement, but that could have been anything.

“I have one photograph [about which] I have to consult with my team,” he said. “There’s something interesting in it, but before I discuss it with my team, I can’t say what it is.”