Retiring chief received $63,000 in buyouts

GLOVERSVILLE – Police Chief Edgar Beaudin, who retired in April, earned nearly $89,000 last year, including more than $63,000 in buyouts of unused holiday, vacation and sick time.

Beaudin and current Chief Donald VanDeusen, who was named chief in May, were the highest-paid city employees last year, according to city records.

Beaudin topped the list, earning $88,960 in total gross earnings. Most of it came from the $63,403 in buyouts of unused time, including $49,585 in unused sick time Beaudin had accumulated.

Mayor Dayton King said all of Beaudin’s unused time was sold back to the city when he retired.

He said when Fire Chief Doug Edwards previously retired from the city, he also received a large buyout.

“If they don’t call out sick, it prevents more overtime, which saves [the city] money, but in the end, we are paying it anyway, so I don’t really know what my opinion is on that,” King said. “I don’t think it is that uncommon in New York state.”

Beaudin was the last city employee to have the opportunity to sell unused sick time, Finance Commissioner Bruce Van Genderen said.

He said all other city employees no longer receive sick-day buyouts upon retirement or during the regular calendar year.

“This was a carry-over negotiated in a union contract that ended sick-day buyouts for all of police, all fire, all [Civil Service Employees Association] and all non-represented. There were a couple of people that were exempted from that deal because of the long term they have given to the city.”

He said at the time of the negotiations, Beaudin already had provided the city with 33 years of service, and when he finally retired, he was up to 37 years of service.

Beaudin was unavailable for comment this morning.

City employees still can receive buyouts for unused vacation and holiday time.

VanDeusen had the second-highest gross earnings in 2012, with $87,563.

Most of the pay came from regular shifts. A total of $6,842 came from holiday pay, overtime, longevity and a buyout of unused holiday time.

Fire Department Battalion Chief David Rackmyre had a base salary of $59,841 for 2012, but because of safety staffing and overtime pay, he made an additional $18,652. Longevity pay and a buyout of unused holiday time brought his final earnings to $83,967.

Police Capt. John Sira made a total of $80,489 for the year, although his base salary was $67,641. Most of his additional pay came from overtime, longevity, holiday pay and a holiday-time buyout.

Fire Chief Beth Whitman-Putnam had a base salary of $85,000, which would have given her the third-highest total.

However, she made $78,949 in gross earning on the year. She said this was because her agreement with the city earlier this year was a few months short of a full year, so she didn’t receive her total base salary.

Several members of the Police Department received significant payments for working holidays or selling back unused holiday time because of an arbitration ruling that grants them the day off with pay or 12 hours of overtime, VanDeusen said.

He said the department employees receive 13 holidays, including one floating holiday, but when employees work on a holiday, they receive the time put in plus 12 or eight hours of pay, depending on their schedule.

Some of the other top earners in the city this year include: Capt. Anthony Clay, $77,003; Battalion Chief Michael Putnam, $76,913; police Sgt. Blair Akers, $75,808; firefighter Robert Lindsay, $75,514; and police Sgt. Glenn Dekanek, $75,198. The earnings listed are gross earnings.

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