Paranormal activity eyed at Glove

GLOVERSVILLE – The Glove Performing Arts Center, which has stood in downtown for nearly 100 years, will be investigated for paranormal activity during an overnight investigation starting Friday.

“It is a great way to bring interest to the Glove and also [answer] if there might be something there,” Richard Samrov, the center’s executive director, said. “It would be interesting to see if something really is going on at the Glove.”

Samrov said researchers from the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society will spend the night locked inside the theater to investigate if there is any evidence of unexplained activity. They will start at 9 p.m.

He said several researchers with the Malone- and Albany-based group will use investigative techniques, scientific theories and specialized equipment to prove or disprove allegations of paranormal activity during their overnight stay.

Samrov said researchers plan to set up a base of operations for the event in the theater’s front entranceway, so anyone interested in looking in on the team can do so from the sidewalk on North Main Street.

“There are always stories of people who stay after hours and say they might have heard or saw spirits from a long time ago,” Samrov said. “Most of them have been stories of shadows of some sort. We are just having this because we wonder if there really is a spirit in there.”

Researchers from the group were last in the city during a similar event held at the Fulton County Museum on Kingboro Avenue on Oct. 30 and 31. That investigation concluded with a public forum and reveal Nov. 16.

The standing-room-only reveal at the museum lasted around two hours, according to museum President Mark Pollak in a news release.

Pollak said researchers presented a number of findings during the reveal which backed up several previous reports of unexplainable events at the museum site, a news release said.