Cutting staff at fire department too risky

The citizens of Gloversville need to take a good look at Mayor/”Dictator” Dayton King’s idea of saving money by cutting fire department staffing.

As a former assistant chief of the Perth Volunteer Fire Department with hundreds of hours of training and a retired Fulton County 911 dispatcher, I have firsthand knowledge of what it is like at a fire scene. Asking the GFD to have less than a seven-person minimum crew is not only unconscionable, but downright dangerous to the firefighters and to the residents. If you were in a burning house and unable to get out on your own, how long would you want to wait for more firefighters to be called in on overtime? A crew of seven is barely adequate when arriving and trying to get equipment set up, put water on the fire and check for and rescue victims. Ask yourself, is the mayor’s plan a safe one? How about you, Mayor King: How long will you wait for firefighters to be called in on overtime when your house is burning around you?

Think about this: You have seven firefighters to get the equipment staged (positioned), hoses connected to water supplies, ladders in place and breathing apparatus on, and to search the building while it is burning – while you are waiting to be rescued – not to mention save your house from being a total loss.

Mayor King, look at some of the waste in government before cutting GFD staffing. The fire department is like life insurance – you don’t need it until you need it, and when you need it, it is too late to get it.