Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To a new historian. We will never tire of reminding readers about the importance of historians. They are dedicated to preserving local history, which helps us better understand the present. Perth recently appointed Sylvia Zierak to the position of historian. The job previously was held by the late May Yost. The town and the rest of the area are fortunate Sylvia has the desire to preserve history. It is a challenge to find people with her passion and knowledge. Thank you to all our local historians.

JEERS – To those not seeing the forest for the trees. Montgomery County Board of Supervisors member Tom DiMezza expressed concerns regarding the reappointment of Justin Knudsen to the county’s ethics board. (For full details, read the story in Wednesday’s edition.) A?person serving on an ethics board has the right to express his or her opinions, but put yourself in the place of the supervisors who were targets of Justin’s strong, unfavorable public comments. Anyone who heard them would see he does not hold these elected officials in high regard. DiMezza and others have the right to question Knudsen’s objectivity on a panel that county supervisors could be called in front of for an ethical ruling. Appointing Knudsen would be like a judge accepting a juror known to have said publicly the defendant is guilty. Knudsen should be thanked for his volunteer services, but the county board members, regardless of their political affiliations, should listen to the concerns about his reappointment.

CHEERS – To trees. After being the main attraction in many homes during the holiday season, Christmas trees are being discarded. But that’s not the case for the live trees that decorated the streets of downtown Gloversville. They will get a second life. Members of the Gloversville Business Improvement District bought the trees from Goderie’s Tree Farm, set them in downtown locations and put lights on them for the holidays. Now, staff members from the tree farm and nursery are picking up the trees and housing them until spring, when the nursery will replant the trees in designated areas in Gloversville. That’s a great partnership.