Board to begin superintendent search this week

NORTHVILLE – Northville Central School District officials will begin their search for a permanent superintendent later this week, sifting through all in-state superintendents, BOCES superintendents and other local school officials.

HFM BOCES Superintendent Patrick Michel told the board at its meeting Tuesday that candidates for superintendent jobs have many options this year, as there are 40 to 50 open superintendent positions in the state.

“We’re operating in a [market that’s good] for candidates,” Michel said.

Northville Board of Education Vice President Sheldon Ginter said it’s hard to tell at this point how the surplus of openings in the state will affect the district’s search for a superintendent. The board needs to focus on its search and not worry about other districts, he said.

“Obviously we’re looking for the best person for the position,” Ginter said. “That person we might select might not be interested in coming here. They may be looking elsewhere. We have to find someone who is interested in coming to a relatively small district.”

The district officials will have to sort through the pool of candidates and find the right fit, which Ginter said will make the pool a bit smaller.

Michel already discussed the process involved in finding a superintendent with the board members and Interim Superintendent Debra Lynker.

The board and Michel set a March 2 deadline for interested applicants to submit their information.

Despite the idea of seeing the pool of candidates decrease even more during the next two months, Michel expressed optimism at Tuesday’s meeting.

Michel said he recently talked to Northville students about what direction they would like to see the school go in when choosing a superintendent.

Michel told the board the students’ top concern was finding a superintendent who manages money well.

Michel also said the students noted they are looking for a leader, someone who is trustworthy and open-minded.

Michel also tried to get ideas from members of the community, but only three people participated – with one of the respondents being Board President Jim Beirlein.

The top responses among the limited community participants were integrity, money managing and focusing on common core education.