Legal battle continues in race

ALBANY- Attorneys for Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk and Republican George Amedore met in appellate court in Albany on Monday, the latest legal battle in the race for the 46th state Senate District.

In court Monday, attorneys filed their arguments on whether or not the more than 300 ballots set aside in the race should be counted.

The ballots in question were objected to back in November during the counting process.

Gary Ginsburg, press officer for Tkaczyk’s campaign, said Monday was predominantly a question-and-answer session between the apellate court and the attorneys.

On Thursday, Amedore filed his oath of office.

In state Supreme Court in November and early December, attorneys argued over which ballots were valid and eligible to be counted in the race.

On Dec. 19, Montgomery County Supreme Court Judge Guy Tomlinson’s ruling gave Amedore the win by 37 votes.

However, Tkaczyk’s campaign contends hundreds of ballots were not counted that should have been included.

Ginsburg said more information will be provided as soon as a decision is made by the court. He could not say when a decision is expected.

The 46th state Senate District includes includes all of Greene and Montgomery counties, and parts of Schenectady, Albany and Ulster counties.

Petition action

Also on Monday, the court received more signatures of people who signed a petition protesting an earlier decision to set aside the ballots in the race. The petition called for the ballots to be counted.

According to a news release from Citizen Action New York – a group that works to elect progressive candidates – more than 6,000 voters across New York have signed the petition, which started online.

Ginsburg said Tkaczyk’s campaign is not tied to the group.