Lessons at school a preparation for life

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the people who made the evening possible Dec. 28 at the Gloversville Holiday Basketball Tournament. The recognition the school district gave to me and to my fellow alumni and coaches was truly special. The time and effort along with the support of the booster clubs to organize such an event is greatly appreciated.

The foundation that the Gloversville school district provided for me was a large part of my success as a student-athlete while I attended the district.

That foundation also gave me the tools necessary to be successful at the intercollegiate level as well as, most importantly, a professional.

From my days in elementary school at the old Kingsborough elementary building on Kingsborough Avenue to the new building on 11th Ave., to Estee Middle School and to my time at the High School up on the hill, the lessons I learned of life and for life will always be with me.

In addition, the personal relationships that developed from early childhood through high school are still a large part of my life. All the more reason to express my appreciation for the events that took place Dec. 28.

To be recognized by Capital Region and/or state level associations for athletic achievement is in itself a humbling experience. To have the acknowledgement from the school district has truly allowed the recognition to come full circle. It also reminds us that these individual recognitions could not have been made without the lessons about cooperation, perseverance, sacrifice, team work, having a great work ethic, along with some outstanding coaching/teaching. The experience of being surrounded by teammates and coaches that were determined to represent the Gloversville athletic program and community with self respect and “PRIDE” can not go unmentioned. These recognitions were not only of individuals, but also of the teammates and coaches that were a big part of our achievement.

To the Gloversville Enlarged School District, thank you for a very special event and continue to provide a great foundation for our next generation.


Member, GHS Class of 1982

Clifton Park