Compromise necessary for a safe future

The pain and suffering that was brought on by a madman in December in Newtown,?Conn., has not waned. Parents still huddle their children close and whisper precious sentiments to them. The terrible thought is unshakable.

As we ponder the depravity and depths of madness it took to bring us to this low place, we all parse in our own suffering “who is to blame,” “what went wrong” and “how to prevent it in the future.” These musings, while good intentioned, inevitably lean toward our own long-dredged dogmas and political views.

We all have retreated to those familiar corners to fight about a violent populace, one desensitized and destructive. And on and on we spin with so much lip service and no real intention to change.

Are we a society paralyzed by debate? Can we not act? We have paid a heavy price for the luxury of debate this year, a price I for one am not prepared to pay again.

We must open up to the possibility that what we think is right may not matter.

We must act. Today, it was children not far from here. But tomorrow, it may be your children or mine. I am not willing to sacrifice anyone’s child for what I think is ‘right’ or ‘fair.’

Let the greatest minds available on this subject guide us to a solution, and let us task ourselves to make those sacrifices needed to secure our future.